PEI experience

Most of the time when people are talking about PEI, I believe the first thing they would think of is either the fresh seafood or the tasty potatoes. At least, this is what I was thinking before I joined the Habitat for Humanity group in PEI. We always thought Canada is a wealth country as a foreign student and poverty seems like a word that has a bit distance to reality, especially on such beautiful island.

However, the truth is, there are people that are struggling about life there, and there are a lot of people who can not afford a safe home there. The purpose for Habitate is to help people to have a home at an affordable price. Having a safe and peaceful home is something that all kids deserve, I believe I will never forget how happy when the girl was when she saw her future home is gradually buit. Yes, the thing we were doing was simple, which is to build a house. However, no matter how simple the thing we were doing, it may change someone’s life, and it may change more people’s life. Even though the outcome may not be seen instantly, the concequence can be dramatic.

I think the most important thing I have learned from this trip is, try not to plan something big that you may never star, every little makes a mickle, start with something small, then follow it, in the end, you might receive the most beautiful smile in the world:

“You have changed my life, all of you. Thank you.”

the best group!

Food and Nutrition Management

Yi Tian Xu

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