PEI: Habitat for Humanity

This summer I was given the opportunity by Centennial College to go on a GCELE to Prince Edward Island working with Habitat for Humanity. A total of thirteen of us travelled together, two leaders and eleven female students from all campuses and programs. Prior to this trip I didn’t know much about Habitat for Humanity besides the obvious: they build houses. After working directly with Habitat for Humanity on a home in Nine Mile Creek, Cornwall that is being built for a single mom and her daughter I feel like I have a better understanding of Habitat for Humanity and what they do and why it works. After meeting the family a comment was made that stuck out to me “How do they have a car?” I think a lot of people including myself might have a misunderstanding of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity helps families in and around the poverty line, families who are barely getting by. These families still pay a mortgage on the house and have to put in 500 hours of volunteer for Habitat for Humanity (most will spend more hours volunteering.) By having homeowners volunteer and pay a mortgage this helps Habitat with future projects, Habitat works like a cycle so they are able to continue building houses.


I now feel educated on the work that Habitat does and I believe as a student this is a great organization to be involved with because you donate your time and skills, not your money. I will say that this trip was very labour intensive and I highly recommended any student who wants to do this GCELE works on a build site in Toronto before signing up. This GCELE is extremely physically demanding but a great way to push your limits and see what you can accomplish.

Kate Perkins

Bachelor of Public Relations Student


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