In the video I am showing a tortilla kitchen appliance.  Tortilla is a traditional flatbread that is eaten in almost all meal here.  You can find one of these in the home of a Costa Rica family or the like of it.


In Llano Bonito, the family functions, gatherings, and celebrations varies here. Last night and the night before, my homestay family watched a soccer game together. Whenever a family friend visit with their new-born or a soccer game is on the television, a traditional Costa Rica drink is served, called Ponche. It can be mixed with or without alcohol. The drink is a mixture of eggs, sugar, and milk. Taste and ingredients is almost similar to eggnog, the drink that is made and drank during Christmas season in Toronto.  Another traditional food made in Llano Bonito is tortilla. A corn flour and water flatbread that is eaten in almost every meal here, along with your pinto. Pinto is a rice and bean mixture.  The tortilla kitchen appliance is made of wood and has a hinge. The dough mixture is placed into the appliance and clamped to flatten it, creating a flatbread called tortilla.  What traditional food do you have with your family and for celebrations?

¡Hasta Luego!


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