New World


What do i say? The sight, views and just the culture can be uplifting and inspiring. Doing such creative work can be fulfilling and it makes one feel like they’re doing such important work, that being said, the image above illustrates the shear fact that there is much more to life that self-fulfillment. To be honest, it’s dwafs the largest accomplishments. That image was taken at the Duomo and looking up at it made me realize the work it would take to be immortalized. That being said, it’s all about perspective and it’s definitely not what doing what the masses are doing it’s about making your own path.

This time in Italy has opened me up to different cultures and it has taken me away from the city landscape. Everybody down here is happy, happy to be where they are. This whole ordeal has been a learning experience, a valuable one at that and it’s taught me not to take anything for granted.

Such beautiful things deserved to be seen and seeing that roof was truly a religious experience. Living here has shown me to always be thankful.

– Roshan Permesar

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