The first day-

We have embarked on a great adventure, travelling to Cuba together. We are all Centennial College students and staff, however many of us are unfamiliar with each other, and are taking a bit of a leap of faith in the this experience together. I have a good feeling it will all work out well!

An early morning wake-up call for Pearson Airport started us up today, and the check in was speedy, thanks to us being a large group. A few hours later, and we arrived in the 37 degree, colourful, and music-filled city of Varadero, and settled into the home we were staying at.


After an orientation, dinner, and some free time, we had a nice long day with little sleep from the night before. However, it was a day filled with new experiences, many laughs, broken Spanish phrases, and some important introductions to permaculture, and other modes of sustainable living. It was a great day, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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