A soul’s dream come through in Seoul! Centennial College GEO South Korea 2014.


Many of my dreams and aspirations have been fulfilled during my tuition at Centennial College. One of the most impacting and life-changing is realizing the achievement of being a Global Citizen. Our Global Experience Office provides many opportunities for the prudent student to participate in a wide range of volunteering and educational learning experiences on a global scale. A partnership between our College and Kookmin University made GEO South Korea 2014 possible. A team will fly to Seoul for the KSAE Baha Formula and Off-road vehicle competition. I’m bursting with excitement!! I’ve always wanted to visit and experience the rich culture of Asia!! Also, I can hardly wait to meet Automotive Engineering students at Kookmin University. Their ingenuity and innovative ideas I’m sure will be beneficial in my own development as an Automotive Service Technician. Our college professor who will accompany us is quite a genius himself. His students here at Centennial have done very well in designing and creating an electric-powered motorcycle, a car steered by joystick controller and a fully remote controlled skid steer forklift. This trip has all the indications of being an unforgettable one already! So many geniuses in the same place at the same time.


I must say all my expectations for this trip were far surpassed! We had a great learning experience and the cultural exchange was phenomenal! This was a first-hand exposure to impeccable discipline, unwavering focus and strategic organizing of tasks; character traits I will embrace. These traits as observed in our Korean counterparts yielded them high achievements. In the 2014 KSAE Formula car competition their team – Kookmin Racing placed first, second and fourth, respectively. Their synergy and dedication in seeing their work through were immaculate. As a result, their cars were faster, more durable, and aerodynamically superior. Automotive Engineering at its best! To my amazement, they had also been developing driver safety and distraction systems for consumer production car manufacturers. The South Korean society in general exhibited the quality of high efficiency and this could be observed in working forms benefiting each citizen throughout their daily lives. Most obvious of these were public commuter safety and commuter transportation systems. I am grateful for the friendships and contacts I’ve gained from this trip. My gratitude to Centennial College and Kookmin University is never-ending. Thank you GCELE and GEO for helping me to become the Global Citizen I was meant to be.

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