A Step into Another World

Costa Rica is what I’ve Imagined it to be, upon arrival I was astonished by the beauty of the scenery before my eyes. In my mind, I was in awe and taken by the hot sun and the way people can move from place to place. I thought to myself just 5-6hrs ago I was in the blistering cold making my way to the airport at 3AM in the morning and now I’m here in a beautiful place filled with a warm climate and lots of exotic trees and birds.

During the Taxi ride, I had a chance to take a couple of deep breaths assuring that the moment I was in was absolutely real! After my hyperventilation episode I sat back and once again took in the scenery in front of me, I took on how this is not a world like the one I’ve been used to for the 22 years of my life. I saw that places and things here are not as developed as it is in Toronto, I began to think all sorts of absurd things that had already been answered during the orientation before departure then there I went hyperventilating again! PIC_1092

After my 60s of crazy I realized we were getting closer to the destination, I saw so many people taking the roadside with their bicycles as their way of transportation some just walked, coming closer to the countryside I saw a lot of horses and cows on the road something I did not use to seeing, but I thought it was pretty cool to see animals so up close and personal I felt as if I was at African Lion safari…Then I thought WOW! this is going to be my life for the next three months.


Chow! Pura Vida = )

Angelique F. W

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