Espana -The Language and Cultural trip of a lifetime by: Paula Bianca Junio

Hola!! It has taken me awhile to finally write my blog, Im not exactly sure whether it is due to my heavy school workload, or maybe I’ve just been trying to avoid reminiscing about this incredible country because secretly, I’m wishing that I am still there….


Our first picture at our beloved University
My very own student id card 🙂
The campus is so GREEN!! Full of trees, grass, backdrop of the mountains, fresh air and oh so CLEAN!!!
Our GEO group in front of our campus
Usual breakfast at the school cafeteria- tortilla de patatas, anyone?
Our view! Overlooking the balcony of our apartamento for 2 weeks.
Imagine waking up to this! Overlooking the balcony of our apartamento.


During our 2 week stay, we attended the University of Navarra, where we learned how to speak and write in Spanish. After language class, we then explored the Spanish culture through lectures, hands-on class activities, as well as trips outside of the University to further enrich our cultural experience. Some of the trips included: a tour of the city hall, rumba class, tapas night, a trip to Olite city, and a trip to the city central. Everyday was literally an adventure, every second of it so memorable..

20140819_101547      20140819_100133

El encierro del toro.. (the bull monument)
2014-08-27 23.36.13
Rumba class!! Oyeeee!!

20140819_172902   20140819_170725

20140819_173016 20140819_170510

20140820_215756 20140820_215746


Pintxos(tapas) for days, 4 course meals, pastries, ice cream, vino, and cerveza!! EVERYTHING was wonderful, tasty, organic, and quite healthy, so I can speak for our group when I say we felt guilt-free when we pigged out 😛 There was very minimal fast food restaurants, there was honestly only 1 McD’s and KFC in the WHOLE city of Pamplona. No wonder why everyone looked sooo good, fit and happy!! These are some of our food and drink experiences..

20140820_202915 20140819_11522420140820_22351320140819_115249

20140820_223536 20140820_225004

20140819_212312 20140819_230342

20140819_214638 20140819_225630

CAFE IRUNA- the oldest restaurant in town! It has been around since the late 1800s.

Manda Panda with our yummy pastries and gelato..!!
Manda Panda with our yummy pastries and gelato..!!


We were so fortunate enough to have been able to visit other cities nearby as well. Somehow, we made it possible to visit 3 other cities nearby. We explored the beautiful Madrid, Barcelona, and even got to go to Hendaya, France!! Although we were only in these cities for a limited time, we made sure we made an adventure out of it and made memories to last a lifetime. These are a few pictures from our awesome voyages.

collage of Madrid
Beautiful Barcelona
2014-08-22 12.12.57
Jumping for joy in Barcelona..
Dipping our feet into the Mediterranean sea… 😀
Goofing around with a new friend on the Barcelona tour bus..
2014-08-24 12.51.36
Outside the Barcelona football stadium!! It was packed because it was GAME DAY!
The crew arriving in Hendaya, France!!
“swimming” in France
Jumping! Just coz Im in France..
Jumping! Just coz Im in France..



It was a bittersweet moment, waking up to the last day of our Spain expedition. Saying goodbye is never easy, but this time it was so much harder to do. We said our final goodbye to our University, our incredible profesora Bea, our new found friends, and of course, the lovely land of Spain. With a heavy heart, I kept thinking im not saying goodbye, but instead its see you later.

Last class picture
Last class picture
Saying goodbye to the BEST Spanish teacher, EVER!
Saying goodbye to the BEST Spanish teacher, EVER!


Finally, I want to say THANK YOU so much Centennial College, International Offices, and Pearl Vas for providing me with this INCREDIBLE experience that I will always and forever be grateful for. There are simply no words to describe how much this trip means to me, as I will always hold the experiences and memories I’ve made close to my heart. I’ve met incredible people with the kindest hearts and outgoing personalities that I can now call my friends. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could ever be provided with an opportunity to learn Spanish in Spain!!! Pearl, I feel really lucky to be one of the few students you have chosen to experience this trip of a lifetime, and I have utilized my 2 week time there!! Everyday was a different adventure in the beautiful country of Spain. I will always treasure this trip, and I cannot wait to go back.

I will leave this off with a favorite quote

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”

-Gustave Flaubert

2014-08-22 15.16.56

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