Major Spain Withdrawal!

It has been three days since I came back from my mini-Euro trip! This week has been all about catching up and getting everything together for school! But I would just like to take a moment to reflect on my beautiful experience in Spain…and other European countries as well. 🙂

Even before the trip started, I was already so excited to embark on another adventure. I was privileged to be part of the GCELE Nicaragua team last February and it completely changed my life! I promised myself that I would come back to Nicaragua to further take part in their development. I wanted to continue to help, and I really really wanted to learn how to speak Spanish. Fast forward a few months later, I found out about the GEO Culture and Language experience in Spain! I thought I was not even going to get this opportunity, but I applied anyway. So, I encourage everyone to just apply even if it seems like a longshot! It is too good of an opportunity!

1. The beauty of Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona is a precious city in my heart. It is rich in culture – famous for its Running of The Bulls event. But it is so much more than that, it is rich in history and beautiful people with great attitudes in life. The picture on the left is La Plaza de Castillo – where people just sit and relax and sometimes dance their traditional dance. On the right is myself overlooking the breathtaking Pamplona. I love how classy, peaceful and beautiful this city is!

geoclass2  geoclass3

2. Universidad de Navarra

Every morning, I looked forward to going to Spanish classes. The teachers were very nice and helpful. Bea, mi maestra favorite, is such a funny teacher! I thoroughly enjoyed learning Spanish along with my fellow Centennial students as well. The cool thing was that there were also other people from all around the globe who were in the ILCE program. The campus is absolutely stunning and huge. Seeing the mountains and the nature every morning really made me admire the university so much more. Oh and their tortillas and chocolate croissants are muy muy muy delicioso!

geoclass5    geoclass6

3. The group ❤

I think what really made the trip soo much fun for me is getting to venture to different places with a great group of people! Good times, good memories and good company! So glad to have met you all 🙂

geoclass4 geoclass1

4. The trip after Spain

Also, I just want to thank Centennial for allowing me to extend my trip! I was also able to reunite with my family and see other countries and cultures through this amazing trip 🙂

vienna  france

barcelona2   copenhagen


Special shoutouts to Pearl and all the staff of the GEO office and all the sponsors who made this opportunity possible for us! You all have truly changed the way I look at the world and the beauty of culture.

From the bottom of my heart, GRACIAS!


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