unforgettable place,Finland

It has been more than a week since we got back from Finland, I just can’t talking to my friends about how amazing the trip was to Finland.

照片 14-8-10 下午2 17 56

Since we had class every morning, on the way to school, you could always see this amazing sky and it just gave me the full energy to start a brand new day. In the class, we ( innovative work organization) had a fun teacher who actually taught us a lot during this short period and the nice part was that we could work as a group every afternoon to  discuss what we had learnt and explore more about the subject which we were interested in.

In this trip I’ve seen so many great views around Turku and Helsinki which I kept telling to all my friends.

照片 14-8-12 上午8 03 42照片 14-8-13 上午11 38 33

It is just incredible that this was the everyday view in Truku.

2014-08-16 15.46.26 2014-08-16 15.52.32 2014-08-16 15.57.37 2014-08-23 13.28.42 2014-08-23 13.11.07

Compare to Turku, Helsinki gave me the impression of a young and active city. You could basically walk to everywhere and all the streets were just so beautiful.

2014-08-23 13.25.17

I’m really grateful for this opportunity to go to this truly amazing trip!

Ran Wei

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