Trip to Turku, Finland

As soon as I got in Finland, I could feel their peaceful, leisure lives. The relaxed ambience of the city is inexplicable. The street are friendly for people who bike. Left side of sidewalk is a bike lane and no one walked in bike lane. They look healthy, seeing lots of people being active. Turku has spacious green spaces full of happy people enjoying their free time with their kids or friends. The environment is friendly especially to children and senior. The city was big but walkable to explore every nook and cranny. The university staffs over there organized programs to integrate us with local culture and community, leading us to Turku museums and festivals. The good thing during Turku trip was cruise trip to neighboring country, Sweden. Finland has a lot of travel agencies in regard to cruise and flight travel to neighboring countries with affordable price. Good news for night lifers. The city is so safe that you barely feel any threats or concerns about unpleasant things. Of course you should be in pair though for safety. For the last I’d like to express my deep appreciation especially to Pearl, Nikaylen and Yana. Thank you for Centennial College for the precious experience.


Moomin's hometown Finland!
Moomin’s hometown Finland!

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