University of Navarra, Spain

I recently got back from the 2 week language and culture trip to Pamplona, Navarra, Spain. I was with a group of 26 students learning Spanish at the University of Navarra.

This trip was amazing. Pamplona is a beautiful city. It is so clean! We did not see any litter or dirt anywhere in the streets. We actually saw people washing the streets! It is so peaceful, calm and quiet there. The air smells so nice and clean, and everywhere you look there are beautiful trees and mountains along the horizon.

The people in Pamplona are very nice, especially those in positions of customer service. I often hear that in some places if you cannot speak the native language, people have a tendency to be rude to you. In Pamplona, everyone tried their very best to overcome the language barrier and be as helpful as possible. And if ultimately they could not help you, they seemed genuinely disappointed! We were also surprised by how people drive there. If you are at a crosswalk and your light goes red, the cars who are stopped will sit and wait for you to cross. Everyone is so patient and respectful.

Our teacher was very nice. She taught us the things we needed to know, but also would spend some time each day asking us what we wanted to know or thought was important to know. Our classes felt like conversations, where both sides were learning about each others language and culture.

My favourite outing was the Palace of Olite, of which I have added some pictures. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made this a very fun and educational outing.

This trip was a wonderful experience for me and I would definitely do it again if I have the opportunity. Thank you to all the staff and students who made it a success!

Annamaria Labelle

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