Beautiful Journey to Spain

I had a great opportunity which Centennial College and Pearl Vas gave me to travel to Pamplona, Navarra, Spain this summer. Learning Spanish while immersing in Spanish culture and history what can be more amazing?! I agree with the quote by Nelson Mandela, 2007:
“If you speak to a man in his own language, you speak to his heart.”
This is true that language helps a lot to understand people, their behavior, lifestyle, customs and traditions. Pamplona is a very peaceful place which allows you to reflect on your own life. The weather, culture, people, traditions affect you and provoke to re-think some of your values. For instance, to be stressed and hurry all the time to catch the project deadline becomes foolish. People in Pamplona create calm and relaxing atmosphere, they appreciate and enjoy every moment of their life. Siesta hours speak louder than any other explanations. Almost all stores and shops are closed from 2pm till 5pm. No one is hectic and rush, regardless of that they are on time and do not experience problems with delays. Our teacher told us that people in north of Spain more conservative that in south, probably because of weather conditions. May be, I didn’t have chance to compare south and north, but definitely, Spanish people are helpful, friendly, charming and cheerful.

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