Two Things I learned in Pamplona, Spain


I learned two things in Pamplona, Spain. Firstly that the people of Pamplona have only one purpose. No, its not money, ambition, greed, women, men. It’s simply to be happy. Almost every person I saw there was so utterly happy. Not only that but I did not see one single overweight person (yes it may be their healthy diet and non GMO foods), but I think that happiness plays a huge role. No one was rushing into work or stressed out about that meeting they’re late to. Everyone was either walking with their loved ones, drinking wine, or drinking coffee. They  also have a siesta (a midday nap where most of the stores stop operating) each day which I think contributes to their well-being. Simply put, you could see the happiness on their faces and this really differentiated Spain from Canada for me.

The second thing that I learned while there was that I wanted to continue with Spanish when I got back to Toronto. Not only was Spanish not hard to learn (as much as you can in two weeks) but it was also fun learning it. My teachers were not only amazing people but amazing teachers. They helped us with Spanish but also with navigating the city, and in the process became our friends. If it was not for Centennial College, I wouldn’t have been able to participate on this trip, so a big thank you to the college. Also, thank you to Yana, Pearl and everyone else that helped with the organization. Finally, thank you to the rest of the students that went on the trip; for looking out for each other and for not leaving anyone behind.


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