Pamplona, Spain


I have joined the Language and Culture program of GCELE, Centennial College to Pamplona, Spain for 2 weeks. I would like to share this amazing journey that change my global perspective in many ways.

The program that University de Navarra, Pamplona have offered for Language & Culture is very educational, yet exciting. We have a chance to meet many students from around the world that share the common ground which to learn Spanish. Therefore, I am not only learning the Spanish culture itself, also I am able to learn many others international students’ culture such as Italian and Japanese.

The teacher is awesome and helpful. I am able to learn about Spain culture from the insight, let alone learning Spanish in a proper way. 2 weeks program in University de Navarra are included half-day classes and local excursion every other day. We have a free weekend which I am able to use it for more sightseeing around other cities in Spain.

Overall what I can say and share about this experience, it is a life-time experience. Spain country is beautiful, people are friendly, and the country itself is very rich of culture. Pamplona is awesome. My favourite place in Pamplona is the main square which they called Plaza de Castillo where I can sit in the evening and watching people passing by; IMG_6904thus, I have posted the picture of it. I would never have done this without GEO team at Centennial. Thanks a million for this opportunity. Experience that I will never forget easily!

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