Believe and go get it!

I am going to see the world as a Centennial Ambassador; it is an honor to represent my College in France.
My name is Alejandro, I was born in Mexico, in Tuxtla Gutierrez a small city located in Chiapas, a state in the south part of Mexico. I love meeting people, making new friends, outdoor activities, traveling, and I am very passionate about nature. I am a people person. Something that makes me really happy is helping people; I believe that good actions teach better than words, teach to keep a peaceful environment where one lives. Helping is a great value that should be practice by everyone, and our world will be a better place to live it.
I moved to live to Toronto, I have found that meeting people from all over the world has made me more understanding, respectful, and interested in meeting different cultures but the most important lesson is to enrich myself. Traveling would be a great experience to share my knowledge and my incredible life of living in Canada, especially Toronto. Furthermore, I am absolutely proud of College, I want to share my college life. Studying and living abroad for a semester would be an excellent form to enrich my life and hopefully for me to enrich other lives. Being in the Hospitality and Tourism Administration program I should learn and experience different cultures. Traveling is one of the ways in which a young person learns, experiences, meets, and shares knowledge with the new cultures. Moreover, travelling will broaden my horizons and maybe I will be able to broaden other people’s horizons a bit too. I always am happy and excited to share the experiences that I have in Canada with my family and friends back home in Mexico. Definitely, traveling abroad could be an amazing adventure of learning but also to share with all my family and friends redundant. Global Experiences Opportunities is a perfect to way to learn, but also to show what I have learnt. I would be thrilled traveling abroad and it would contribute positively to my growth as a human being and a citizen of the world.
My motivation has always been to enjoy every second of my life with what we call, memories. How do we get memories? Well, it is not that hard, just enjoy the moment, and be yourself.
My new goals are to have outstanding marks, enrich myself with new experiences, learn new things from new people, expand my knowledge, learn French, and show to everyone what I have learnt during my studies at Centennial College. After my studies in France are done, I am absolutely sure that I will see the world differently, and I will share all my experiences with my classmates when I get back to Toronto.

I am traveling tomorrow to La Rochelle, France!

Greetings from Seoul, South Korea.

Luis Alejandro Meixueiro Pastrana

Believe and go get it!
Believe and go get it!

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