My Mexican Session

My first week in Mexico on the Centennial College GEO Program has been eventful. Each day is filled with new afternoon adventures with a stable class structure in the morning. Each morning we embraced the Spanish language with the help of our professor who led a very interactive hands on approach to learning a new language. Within a week we were able to communicate in simple conversation, understood the names of various foods, colors, seasons and careers. Each day our teacher came prepared with exercises that utilized all of senses which allowed us to grasp the basics of the language very quickly.

Our tour guide, who accompanied us on afternoon excursions was very insightful and delightful. She maintained a great sprit which helped us get through the extra hot days. After seeing that the sun was becoming much for us, she arranged for us to have cool off days where we could move at our own this pace. This accommodation really helped to avoid over exerting ourselves in this new climate.

A lot of the excursions were outdoors in the beautiful scenery and amongst the wildlife. A few included beach time which was a nice relaxing change from the in class sessions. There were boat dinners, waterparks, museums, walking tours and industry tours that included viewing some of the more renowned hotels in the area.

The first week in Mexico has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

Melissa – Anne L.

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