Seoul, South Korea

I am one of the four Centennial College students who participated in the KSAE Baja and Formula 2014 competition in Seoul South Korea. This was a great experience because we got to collaborate with students from Kookmin University (South Korea) on how to design and build off / on road vehicles.

This opportunity gave us a chance to display the knowledge we have gained through the transportation programs  (Motive Power Technician and Heavy Equipment Technician) at Centennial College. Also, we learned a lot from the South Korean students because they gave us new ideas on how to design automobiles.

Being in South Korea was a new and exciting experience because, I have never been to a country that doesn’t speak English and  their alphabet is not of Latin origins. There was a language barrier, but the South Korean people were patient and understanding.

This was an experience of a lifetime. The people in South Korea were really kind and friendly. I was one of the few black people in the region so my photo was often taken, someone would shake my hand or wave at me. I felt very safe and welcomed. South Korea is so rich of history and culture. I had no hesitation, I just immersed myself within the culture and try to explore new heights.

One thing that I Have learned from this experience is having extra compassion for individuals who migrate to Canada and don’t speak English


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Atiba Jameel Clarke

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