‘I miss the taste of a simple life’- Logroño, Spain.

Shortly after arriving back to Toronto from the awesome month long experience of living in Logroño, I began to re-adjust to the ways of life in the big city.  Sitting in traffic on the busy 401 highway definitely made me contemplate the simple life I left behind in Spain.  The days spent learning a new language and experiencing the sights and sounds of beautiful cities such as Barcelona, San Sebastián, Bilbao and Pamplona, were replaced by deadlines, traffic congestion and the busy work schedules of back home.

Life in Spain is simpler in many ways.  For one, an afternoon siesta is very common in Spain, which gives people the opportunity to unwind and recharge their energy to enjoy the rest of the day.  I also saw a greater sense of community, where people young and old gathered together in the same bars and restaurants to share meals and drinks until the early hours of the morning. In Canada, it is a common sight to see people glued to their smartphone and electronics; however, I noticed the Spaniards to be more disconnected with their electronics and engaging instead in more social activities.  There are plenty of nature trails and greenery surrounding the city and you can see many people (with their many dogs) taking advantage of them.

Many thanks again to the Global Experience Office for the great memories!

By: Steven Naccarato

DSC00795 DSC00780 DSC00437 DSC00250 DSC00756

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