A taste of Spain

¡Hola a todos!

First of all, thank you Centennial College and the Global Experience Office (GEO) for giving me the opportunity to take part in the language and culture program here in Logroño, Spain. The first two weeks here in Spain have been an incredible journey that I encourage everyone to experience.

After receiving an e-mail invitation to participate in the GEO program, I was enticed by the opportunity to learn the Spanish language while being immersed directly into Spanish culture. As a nursing student, I saw a great advantage in learning a new language and culture that would help me connect with my clients more effectively. I was a bit hesitant to apply because I was not sure where I would be living or if I would be able to easily adapt to a new environment. Thankfully after I was accepted into the GEO program Pearl and Yana made stepping out of my comfort zone easy by always being available to answer all the questions I had.

My first impression of Spain was amazing! During the bus ride from the Madrid airport to the small city of Logroño, where both our university and residence are located, I was astounded by the endless rows of vineyards that the region of La Rioja is famous for. Luckily we later had a wonderful vineyard tour, where we experienced how many Spaniards make their living. My first day in Logroño with my fellow Canadian classmates was memorable as we began right away to immerse ourselves in Spanish culture. We quickly learned of Spain’s store closures on Sundays and the afternoon siestas, but we worked together as a group to find the food and supplies we needed to begin our month long adventure. Spanish lessons began right away where from 9am to 1:30pm we were in the hands of our wonderful professors who gave us the confidence to further explore the city and interact with the locals. We were given a guided tour of Logroño that exposed us to the many sights that the city has to offer including the famous “Calle del Laural.” This is the street where many people come to eat the famous pinchos, which are the small snacks that northern Spain is famous for. I can’t wait to explore more and share what I learned.

¡Hasta luego!

By: Steven Naccarato

DSC00115 DSC00218 DSC00072 DSC00017 DSC00009 classroom

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