La Rioja, Spain


After spending the past few weeks here in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my time here.
The program here at University of Larioja is a very cool concept itself. They bring students from all over the world (South Korea, Phillipines, Germany, to name a few) together, all with the same goal of learning Spanish, whatever their level may be. I’m finding that this common goal between all of us international students is making it easy to meet and connect with the other students. Everyone so far has been super nice and everyone seems to be interested in learning about the culture of the countries of the other student. The staff have also been great. They make an effort to give us advice on the best spots to go see and where to visit, above and beyond teaching us Spanish.

Spain is proving to be a very beautiful place. In addition to the trips I’ve taken over weekends, the program has taken us on some local excursions and I’ve also explored on my own or with friends and I have certainly found that there are some absolutely gorgeous spots right here in Logrono. One of my highlights in terms of nature I’ve seen in Logroño, is the path along the river which is right behind our residence. It is very beautiful and serene and it goes on for a quite some distance.

In conclusion, the trip so far has been really awesome in so many different ways and I really want to thank the GEO team at centennial for making all of this possible.

By:Mike Bernstein


IMG_20140708_200152 IMG_20140711_203630(1)

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