La Vida Española

¡Hola, chicos!

Me llamo Yuqi Pang. Estudio en universidad de la rioja.

This is the last week we stay in Español. It’s a very european country for me since this is my first time in Europe. It’s a country with long history,  tasty foods, friendly people, and awesome activities. In this trip, I experience a lot more than I expected.

First of all, Spanish class. I started from “kindergarten” level because I’ve never learned Spanish before. Now I’m getting better and would like to continue study Spanish when I get back to Toronto. Second, Spanish foods. Tapa is the most typical Spanish foods. The one in the attached picture below was the very first Tapa I’ve tried in Spain. ¡Me encantar Tapas! Third, Spanish people. Españoles are so friendly here. They showed a lot of love to me, for example, when I passed by a bar in Pamplona, a guy yelled at me, “CHINO CHINO CHINO. Take a photo. Typical Español.” So I took a photo of a group of Spanish locals, but due to privacy problem, I would save the photo for myself. Last but not the least, I went to so many events in Spain. In this course, they took us to museums and site seeing, such as visiting some churches and walking around the city.

I’m having so much fun in this GEO trip. Thank you, Centennial College. I’m looking forward to seeing where the experiences can take me at Centennial College.

¡Adios! 😛

IMG_3536 IMG_3566 IMG_3587 IMG_3624 IMG_4717 IMG_3595 IMG_4248 IMG_3494 IMG_3892

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