Estoy en La Rioja, Spain!!

The trip from Toronto to Madrid was impeccable! Word of advice, if you’re a Centennial college student and haven’t tried the GEO language program yet, do it now! It’s an opportunity that will change your life. Personally, just thinking about the fact that among all the applicants I was selected makes me feel so lucky.

When we landed in Madrid, I immediately knew my stay was going to be great! It was the beginning of a new chapter in my journal, a chapter that without doubt will be exceptional.  From the airport, our next stop was La Rioja. The University of La Rioja sent a bus to take us there; it took us 4 hours to get to our final destination and during those 4 hours I started practicing my Spanish with the bus driver, I didn’t want to waste even a minute.

Finally we made it to La Rioja, Our campus is so big and everybody is so friendly.

I’ve met students from all over the world: USA, South Korea, Philippines, China, Spain, England…

Classes are great; the professors take their time to explain everything even if it means two or three times. I’m enjoying this trip and I wouldn’t trade this GEO language opportunity for anything.


La Rioja, Spain.

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