Beautiful La Rochelle, France

Wow! That’s all I can say about La Rochelle. It is so beautiful and old world. I love the cobblestone streets and the limestone buildings. As I walked past the beginning of the harbor with the blue waters of the Atlantic glistening in the sunlight and the Ferris wheel turning silently to my right, I come upon the downtown strip and realize that I truly have entered a different world. I’m not in Toronto anymore. The sun is hot and I can feel its heat as I walk along the sidewalk, but the air isn’t humid, it’s cool with the breeze coming off the Atlantic and it contains just a hint of salt. As I walk along the strip I come upon a myriad of restaurants and cafe’s that look out upon the harbor. The towers that are a trademark of La Rochelle become more and more visible as I move deeper into the heart of the city. I turn into the arch under the clock and am in awe of the sidewalks lined with arches; beautiful is all I can think. As I move along and pass all the different vendors, I find myself anxious to get to class so that I can learn how to ask “how much is that?” in French. I truly believe I’m going to savor my time in this beautiful French town. Now all I need is a croissant…

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