Centennial College GEO Experience in France – La Rochelle June 2014

The historical town of La Rochelle, inclusive of our host families and school Groupe Sup de Co (La Rochelle) welcomed all of us with an unforgettable warm embrace. The opportunity to learn the language in an environment enriched with pure French culture continues to create unforgettable memories. Whether we are mixing up all of our words or totally uttering the wrong masculine or feminine words, it has been exciting learning French; this definitely leaves me counting my blessings for the mandatory French classes that I used to botch. Before arriving in La Rochelle I could only picture the Eiffel Tower and shopping centres while thinking of France. But now I will forever remember La Rochelle for this experience as a student, made possible through the Global Cultural Exchange (GEO) opportunity by Centennial College. Besides feeling encouraged to learn the French language more fluently, I am filled with ambition that one-day I could be a competitive trilingual professional in the Canadian legal field. This trip has made me realize that you can always have the opportunity to travel as a tourist to many foreign countries but the experience while traveling as a student is comparable to none. Being a student at Centennial College has truly enriched my learning journey. But on the down side even though I am surrounded by all this fine cuisine I still miss my Amma’s spicy chicken curry.

T Thevarajah

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