New experience

Hello everyone!
My name is Ilia Krasnov and I’m lucky, because I was chosen by Centennial college to do my internship program in Seoul, South Korea. Korea is a very small country in contrast with Canada, however population of Seoul is three times bigger than in Toronto, the biggest Canadian city.
Before coming here I expected local society to speak English well, but in fact it turned out that only about 5-10% of residents are fluent in English. Koreans are big lovers of coffee, even more than Torontonians, so you can find a coffee shop everywhere, but the price for even a small cup is expensive. The weather these days is very warm, in a daytime it could be 40 degrees outside, but since Seoul city is surrounded by rocks, after 5 pm it gets very comfortable. Streets and public places are surprisingly clean, but it takes a while to find a wastebasket. Social environment and people are very friendly and open-minded. I am getting used to not be surprised when non-English speakers will open google translate and try to help you even if it takes them plenty of time. It is very common in Korean culture to ask your age to be able to find the way to communicate. Even if you are one year older than your interlocutor he/she will talk to you in a more formal way. My advise to all of you, guys: while you are in Canada, try to make friends all over the world, you never know where life takes you, and it also gives you irreplaceable experience. Probably one day you will step out of your comfort zone and will go travel and what a gift, you have a friend in that part of the world you went to! That was one of my first impressions after first week being in Seoul. There is still more interesting things to come.


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