Bienvenido a Costa Rica

It is said that Costa Ricans are known to be the happiest people on earth. Sophia and I were lucky enough to be able to experience their hospitality. We were showered by their happy faces and their welcoming personality. Even though we were not able to speak in Spanish, they still made an effort to talk to us and make us understand what they were saying. The first thing that we did in Buena Vista Lodge was to do their famous Zip Lining/ Canopy activity. We chatted with the guides and ended us being close to them since they were there to show us around and to openly help us with whatever we needed. I was assigned to the Food and Beverage department in my first week. I worked both of their restaurants. I was first assigned in Jaguar which is their restaurant solely for Buena Vista Lodge guests. It was fun working there since you get to connect with guests a check up on their daily activities and on what they are planning for their whole stay. In La Montana, which is their restaurant for one day tour guests, you get to meet more people. Work in Buena Vista Lodge was great because of the people there. At first, we were having a hard time communicating since I only spoke “muy pocito Espanol”. At the end of the week, I was able to adjust and learned a few vocabulary words needed to get the job done and some of the bad words on the side. Overall, The experience is great. Learning Spanish has never been challenging since there are a lot of times when we can not say what we wanted but we try to learn as “mucho Rapido” as we can. The experience still has not ended there a still a lot of things to learn and discover.

Gherramei Lhia Tiu (June 12, 2014)

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