My feeling about the program, Italian culture and language!!

I’m extremely sorry for not being updating my daily and weekly experience in Italy!!!  That’s mainly the limitation of Wi-Fi connection. However, we came back to Toronto on 18th of May after completing the program “Language and Culture” from Urbania, the Centro Studi Italiani and it is enormous!!! I left Italy with a wonderful feeling and it was an excellent experience. The place, where we stayed was a very ancient, historical and small city. Most people know each other and so friendly, generous and welcoming. We can move comfortable each and every corner even though we do not speak Italian language and understand well. It is calm, secured and cozy place, stayed in a local Italian family with pair that even helps us to understand their culture better.  We travelled couple of historical and famous cities of Italy, Venice, Florence, Urbino, Gubbio and Rome and honestly those places are so rich in history and culture, sometimes I felt this is not enough time to learn and experience the unique nature of Italian culture, outstanding resource of  history and Roman empire. I will highly recommend for designing at least 3 weeks course program, so that student can utilize their strength and insight properly.

At the end I must share that I am grateful to the organizer of Global Experience Institute for providing this opportunity. I took enough pictures and I will share them slowly. Thanks to Centro Studi Italiani and home staying family!
Alla prossima!!
Arrivedrechi  Io ti amo Italy!!!

Nahid Sharif

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