San Antonio, A Story Complete- By Khurram Agha

I apologize for not being able to update for a while now, but along with decently busy with school work, My phone cracked, which rendered my screen a little useless, but I was able to get some photos in the process. Here are all the photos I took on my trip to San Antonio, and although the experience varied from day-to-day the overall experience was great, I left with a wonderful feeling from here, and one thing I can say about Texans is they know how to have fun! If you get a chance definetly check out Texas, Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio are all great cities, and people are pretty big foodies here too. That’s also another aspect which I enjoyed a lot about San Antonio is the size of the portions is amazingly large (See the 3L Bottle of Coke!). Anyway, the initial impression I had of Texas was completely different than what I had expected initially, and the funny thing is as Canadians most people we spoke to had this impression of the Wild Wild West Texas, and down here in Texas they had an impression that Canada very foreign compared to the United States, so I had to tell them about Canada. This just goes to show, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover or in this case don’t judge a place by the movies! See for yourself. Thanks to the GEO office for letting me have such a great experience, it is now an embedded part of my life. San Antonio Botanical Garden TImageImageImageImageImage San Antonio Downtown and Riverwalk and Via Bus transportation ImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImage

University of San Antonio (UTSA) –Biggest University of San Antonio

ImageImageImage St. Phillips College– Where I was placed for the Exchange Program


1st Pic (To the Left– Mr. Bell (Program Director), Middle- Me, To the Right–My Professor Dr. Chacon) ImageImageImageImageImage

My two classmates from Quebec (Sherbrooke) On the left (Louie, and on the right Jean Claude)

San Antonio Events– Rodeo Show and Fiesta (Both of these were huge events in San Antonio- I did not get to see the Rodeo Show, but I did get to see one day of Fiesta, which is probably one of the most amazing things I have EVER seen, basically ever single person told me the event in the same way, and that was “The whole town shuts down for 2 weeks and everyone has a huge party in downtown” and oh man that was really a party. Fiesta in April is probably one of the best events I have ever seen, the festivities are plenty and San Antonians party hard! and there is plenty of booze and food to last a lifetime) (Few Stock pictures in here)


My Pad (Apt)–Small but livable!


Other “Cool Stuff”—-Misc stuff that I saw and did that gave me a sense of amazement

Image Me and my friend in a car seeing an entire car burning on the freeway….Not cool… but scary!


To the left 3L BOTTLE OF POP! and to the right… They have a U.S $1 coin???? I had no idea!


I got to Test Drive the newest Audi A8…. Amazing.

ImageOld school rollerblading with my roomie!


Staring at my plane as I leave San Antonio.

Thank you Geo office once again!

-By Khurram Agha

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