a Must in Argentina- Mate

 a Must in Argentina- Mate

I was told that I could leave Argentina without having seen Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, and Patagonia, and still say that I have been there. But I can not claim that I have been to Argentina if I have not tried “Mate”. It is made of “yerba” from a plant bordering Brazil near Iguazu. It is mixed with wood and/or other materials. It is cup into a mate cup (here I am with a novelty sized one), add hot water, and drink from a “bombilla” which is a metal straw that has filters at the bottom which keeps the herbs out. Argentinians will drink it all day long, with a thermos of hot water in one hand and the mate cup in the other! It tastes similar to a green tea, add sugar if you like it sweet and enjoy!
– Sara Kazerouni

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