Creativity in the city

Through all the people that I have met in Argentina, most of them do something creative with their time; they write, paint, play instruments, sing, draw, make clothing, make guitars and much more. Everyone that I have come across is very creative, my host is an artist, she has painted all over the house- on walls, doors, ceilings, and has paintings hung all over. It gives our house a very hippie look. I came to the conclusion that they are so creative because they do not have (because they choose not to have) televisions, game consoles, video games, and all the other Western things that we have that take time away from our creative outlets. I have taken up scrap booking and painting while I’ve been here, it’s actually a lot of fun and helps with “me time”. This picture is a painting on my closet wall in my room done by my host. I instantly knew I was home when I walked through the door and saw this written on my closet, as I wore a necklace with the same word on it “Wanderlust” (the severe desire to travel and explore).

– Sara Kazerouni


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