First Day in Mexico City

When I first arrived in Mexico City, the weather was not has hot as I thought it would be. The temperature in the morning was 7 degrees Celsius however, it starts to warm up as the day progresses and by mid-afternoon, it can get pretty hot, stand in the shade though, and you feel a drastic difference as the temperature drops. I was surprised to find that I needed either a thick sweater or a light jacket in the mornings and at night. The locals however, dress as if it were the middle of winter, you’ll see them with boots, thick jackets, scarves, and toques. When I arrived at Benito Juarez (Mexico City airport), it was a bit confusing to figure out where to take a taxi since there were several exists but only one is designated for a taxi pick up. I later found out that they also have a especially designated taxi booth to purchase a ticket for your taxi. The rate they charge depends on the zone which you are going to so, you pay in advance (tip not included) and the taxi is 100% safe then, and you can proceed to the taxi pick up past the booth. It was a Sunday when I arrived and most businesses were closed, but that won’t stop you from finding entertainment in the large parks and plazas in the downtown area where street performers and large crowds of people go to pass there time and eat at food vendors serving tacos and ricas tortas (delicious sandwiches) on every corner. It is really fun and interesting walking down the street with so much to see among the crowds of entertainers, artisans markets and the delicious aromas of street vendors everywhere, aromas that pierce your nostrils and immediately allow you to taste the spices in the food without even eating it.


Mexico City’s Monument of the Revolution in Republic Square on a Sunday.

Natalia Gallego

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