Tejido de algodon (cotton weaving)

In the past, weaving was the means for women to make their own but now bags for cellphones and other small items are used by everyone in the community. There are also belts and even cute backpacks. These are the steps to a very special and traditional art here in Boruca.

cotton tree

Step 1: Pick the cotton from the trees. There are two natural colours, white and brown.

Step 2: Clean the cotton then spin it into yarn using a tool called hilar. The trick is to always keep the hilar “dancing”.

Step 3: Dye the cotton with all natural colours from plants, trees and snails.
cotton colours

Step 4: Create the desired pattern with a loom called urdidor.

Step 5: Begin the process of weaving.

On top of the display case is the headband/armband I made. I just got the hang of it as I finished. It reminds me of my mom sewing and wish I could do more of it. Visitors to Boruca can get a demonstration from Marciana or try weaving themselves.

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