Priscilla and Chico’s baby shower


In my last post, I mentioned Harol’s good friend Chico and the big event was his parents wedding. This time, it was a baby shower for Chico and Priscilla who are expecting a little girl very soon. There were a few familiar games like bingo, pin the tail on the donkey and using toilet paper to guess how big the expectant mom’s belly is but the rest were all new to me including putting lipstick on the father-to-be if the gift giver was not correctly guessed in 3 attempts.

It was a successful surprise and the food was great as always. All the very best to the sweet couple and their bundle of joy on the way!

One thought on “Priscilla and Chico’s baby shower

  1. Hey Victoria – someone told me about this website and lo and behold it’s you. Good to meet you in Boruca! I’d love any photos that you have from the baby shower if you don’t mind sharing? Don’t want to put my email here but I’m friends with Lourdes on FB. Also, let me know if you need anything I might be able to help with 🙂 Hope you have a great rest of your stay.

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