Ocean King!!!!!

Ocean King!!!!!

Victoria came to spend the weekend in Quepos from Boruca so we had a couple of things planned. It was nice having a fellow Canadian around and someone I could talk to without having to use my hands. The first night she arrived we had dinner at the pier, Saturday we attempted to go to this huge festival called Envision and it’s predominantly a bunch of hippies who do yoga and hula hoop competitions and what not but we couldn’t get in so we then went to the beach then to Emilios for a snack then to the beach again. On Sunday we went on a catamaran tour and it was sooo much fun. I think the most fun since I’ve been here. Seeing that Quepos is such a small town there’s literally nothing to do and especially since I’m a city girl I get bored very easily. But we had a great time, there were drinks (which is always great) food, snorkelling, we saw some dolphins, the sunset and it was just a great day!

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