My Team!!!

My Team!!!

Gaia is very strict on their employees and strive for the best customer service whether it be in person or behind the scenes. I work with Sandy and Geovaldo behind the scenes. Sandy is the manager for the sales and marketing department at Gaia and Geovaldo does sales. My role is head of everything social media for the hotel. I manage the Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine accounts. Uploading pictures, making comments, answering comments, making sure the material is sufficient enough to be put up and is managed through Seems easy and it is but it can also be very tedious. Right now we are starting a blog for the Gaia website and this has proven to be the most time consuming task I’ve had since being here. Working in the sales and marketing department has actually made me think that I may look into something like this on my return to Toronto, it’s definitely something I haven’t thought of before so I’m greatful for the opportunity to learn the behind the scenes action of managing the hotel, at least in the social media aspect. The picture on the top left is Sandy’s desk, my desk is the picture below and Sandy and Geovaldo obviously to the right!

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