Roti disaster!!

If you remember from my previous blog about how we managed to find the adapter for us, this blog has nothing to do with that. However, I will be telling you about how we managed to resolve our food cravings with interesting ideas.

My roommate, Akanksha and I both are from South Asian backgrounds, so we both share similar cuisines. During our second week in La Rochelle, we started to crave for Rotis, round bread cooked in iron griddle.


We needed flour, so we did our grocery and stocked our fridge. Akanksha kneaded the dough and kept it aside. Jay (our friend from Centennial College who is an exchange student as well) and I were both waiting eagerly for “our” Rotis. But then it suddenly struck us that we did not have any rolling pin to roll the roti with. We looked at each others’ blank faces for answers. Well, we had seen people making Romali roti, a unique kind of thin roti, by throwing the dough up in the air and magically flattening when it landed on their hands.

How cool is that!!!

We tried doing that but trust me, it was nothing like roti. Anyways, we made a couple of them and was picturing ourselves the next morning in a lot of pain. Then, like an angel, Akanksha stepped up and she did this amazing thing. You see, she had brought this water bottle with her.

She spread a plastic wrap on the table, sprinkled it with some flour and started to roll the dough with that water bottle.
Why didn’t we think of that before? We were so happy that we could finally have roti and not care about tomorrow.

Look how happy she looks.

You would expect our dinner to be amazing and yes, you are right! We did have an amazing dinner with roti, of course! What I would remember about this night is that whatever type of situation you are stuck in, there is always a solution around the corner. You just have to recognize it and use it creatively!

Bon appetit!
P.S. Our Rotis is at the far right corner covered, we wanted it soft and warm!

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