Mumbai – my first experience in India

It’s time to start my story.

Thanks to Global Experience Office, I was chosen to participate in internship in Indian company Euclid Infotech in Mumbai.

Coming from Toronto, where the temperature was around -20 to the warm Mumbai was so pleased for me. Average temperature here is +25 during winter season. GEO helps me to communicate with the company where I supposed to work and they arrange to pick me up from the airport and help me to get to the place where I suppose to stay.

There are some pics from my apartment.


I read much info about India and especially Mumbai, but still many things surprised me so much. I will try to describe them in my future posts.

First issue which I faced is the internet. Because of previous terrorist attacks in India, it is not so easy to buy a SIM card and it takes a time, usually a few days, when the cell carrier company will check all information which you provided and identify you. It took me a few hours to find a free Wi-fi to connect to the internet.

On my days off I decided to travel a little bit and I went to the old part of Mumbai.

Taj hotel and Gateway of India.




Indian park and streets.



I think many people see the pictures that Indian’s trains are overcrowded so I saw this by myself and it was crazy.


First time I drink the juice from sugar cane. It tastes so good.


Next posts I will describe more about Mumbai, Indian culture and my internship itself.

Thank you! 🙂

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