MA Sunsets!!!

MA Sunsets!!!

Quepos is such a small town which consists of bars, little grocery stores, restaurants, and a lot of little shops. A lot of tourists come down here and a lot of older people from the US who just come to retire and live a slower pace of life. When you do get the chance to come to Quepos the one thing you will almost get asked on a daily basis is if you`ve been to Manuel Antonio beach to see the sunset. I`ve been there a couple of times and every time I go I end up taking pictures of the sunsets so I have a million of them. You can`t help yourself, it`s so freakin pretty and words just can`t describe just how magical looking these sunsets are. The one thing that also makes MA sunsets so pretty is the different colours in the sky. Sometimes it will be pink, orange, different shades of blue, it`s just crazy!

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