Gators, monkeys, and more!!!!!

Gators, monkeys, and more!!!!!

So being that I live on a reserve for the next three months, these are some of the little creatures I also encounter on a day to day basis other than the ants on the walls and geckos lol! They found this alligator walking up the steep hill towards the main building and about 6 guys were all over him trying to tie him up and contain him. He was there for a couple of hours just chilling waiting for people to come and take him to a river. As for the money…..they’re everywhere. That’s one thing you can’t get away from here. While they are cute you will never catch me with a monkey or with an alligator no matter how much these guys here try and tell me to pose and take pictures with them. This is as close as Kristine will get lol!!!!

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