Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

So I had to take a small toy plane to Quepos which was only 25 minutes but I have a fear of flying alone and I was literally alone with two pilots in a small plane that kept shaking and my whole body was tense the entire time lol. Even getting on to the plane the pilot could see the nervousness in my face and he kept saying, “dont’ worry chica, I’ll take care of you I promise”. In my head I’m like, “yea ok buddy!” So we’re in the air and I’m trying to take photos with my eyes closed lol however that wasn’t working out for me so I sucked it up and was looking out the window and it was so beautiful. I noticed immediately everywhere you looked it was green and the view was just so simple and pretty. We arrived at the airport where Walter picked me up and took me to Gaia Hotel & Reserve.

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