San Antonio, Texas- Far Exceeding expectations

Hey Ya’ll !!!! I wanted to stay close to home and go too far away, but I never thought the experience would so vastly vary.  The hospitality of San Antonians is extraordinary and they love to have fun! and I can’t even begin to say how fantastic the weather is here. I did meet some fellow Quebecer’s in my classes as well, the campus of St. Phillips college is filled with friendly and helpful faces, and I even met someone who worked there originally from Toronto! There are many things to do around San Antonio, and one of the biggest events will be the famous Rodeo in February that I am looking forwards to. So far I am absolutely thrilled of the experience this city has provided for me and I  look forward to the next few months when I will explore even further. I did visit the campus of University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA), which is a big institution and it was great to just look around and see University campus life. Hope to update more soon. -Khurram-


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