Arrival La Rochelle, France !!

All tired with journey and facing winter in Toronto I was so much happy to see weather which was 10 Degree Celsius WOW !!!, coming back to the journey from france airport to La Rochelle, It was tough because people speak french. Only thing that helped me is WIFI on france airport and I can use VIBER (Internet Calling App for Mobile phone), I called up my friend Sudikshya who was also coming to france for same program. She helped to put me back on track and teaching me some french words and guess what I got a new friend on airport who can speak english and french both. That feeling was like getting myself back into the senses. If you want go La Rochelle, France it is easy now as our google search before coming to france was different and when I came the france airport have services exactly at their airport to la rochelle. Train services in Paris, France which takes you to La Rochelle is SNCF/TGV. They have their platforms and ticket hubs exactly at the exit point of Gate C terminal airport, but you can follow the signs towards the train station 10 minutes walking don’t worry you can carry your luggage cart till train. After flight 6 hours of train journey and knowing the fact you don’t know where you will go from the station at evening 8:00PM, make friends !! Centennial College three angels do you remember, they are awesome their communication with school at La Rochelle helped me to connect with so many students at La Rochelle. As usual I had no expectation that anyone will show up knowing the fact it was vacations for them, but one of the student and now friend showed up and took me to his place and saved my some money for overnight stay. Life is full of opportunities and challeges you just have to wait and be positive that you will find some solutions. Don’t Panic it will not help, be cool and calm as it helps. What happened next college starts the next day

SNCF - Paris Airport

La Rochelle, Train Station

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