My contribution

It is now the start of my third week here and I feel protective of this community that has welcomed me in with open arms.  When I see tourists walking around, I wonder if they are being respectful and really getting a thorough understanding of Boruca or are they just here for a picture for bragging rights that they visited an indigenous community in Costa Rica?  Before leaving Toronto, I questioned whether I would be able to make a difference, being a foreigner entering what to me is a precious area with beautiful culture and traditions.  I felt overwhelmed after Harol (my manager/brother/tour guide/interpreter) discussed my job responsibilities one evening my first week because I have a tendency to doubt the quality of my work.  Harol stated that I should make notes and provide any recommendations because for some reason, the residents tend to take advice from outsiders.  There are many moments throughout the day I get emotional when I think about my loved ones at home but I know Boruca was the right choice for me.  Hopefully I am able to contribute at least one positive thing to Boruca…


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