Enroute de La Rochelle, France

Arrival – Week 1Image

Woah !! Looking to the endless opportunity and faith in god, I started my journey to upgrade my career to next level. Centennial College, Canada; I have never thought in my dreams that it will provide me such a golden opportunity to build my career goals and objectives in such a unique way by allowing me to go La Rochelle, France for my studies!! When I got approved for this opportunity, I had never thought that I will get support and help after getting approved, But wait there are three angels that helps every student to smoothen up their travel plans, medicals, accommodation, and what not. Its been 2 weeks in La Rochelle and the way we were prepared by the angels I never felt like I have to face any speed breakers in my tasks at La Rochelle. Who are the three angels ? Stay tuned till I end this Journey because I want to thank them all and others who have helped me till I complete this journey.

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