This is the End!

Goodbye Germany!

Thank you to those who followed me throughout my journey here in Germany and the many European excursions.  I started from hiking on my first days in Reutlingen, Germany to spending New Years in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  This has been a great experience and I do encourage current and future Centennial students to take part of this magical journey.

You treated me great for the last five months but its time for me to get back to reality.  Every single moment from day 1 to day 144 was absolutely wonderful and the opportunities are unless with traveling.  The best part of this study aboard was meeting people from all around the world and discovering how they are and how their culture is so much different then mine.  I did not only gain German friends but I also gain friends from far east countries such as Russia and China, from all over Europe, and North and South America.  I could not have gotten through this semester if it weren’t for the great people here and all of the great friends that I encountered.  “Having no expectations led to the best experiences”.  This is goodbye for now and I will see you soon.  Words cannot describe how this experience was but pictures can.





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