Facts about Boruca


– Children are on summer break from school right now and will start again mid-February
– Only 5 men in the community speak the Boruca language, Div tegat
– There are 3 women who know the ins and outs of natural medicine, they first try natural medicine for any ailments before turning to Western medicine
– There are currently no police stationed in the community but one is on the way soon
– No jaguars in the mountains around Boruca but hairs of pumas have been found in the boundaries near farms
– Brown and white cotton grow from trees all year round which is used for weaving to make bags that are mainly sold to tourists
– Teeth from collared & white-lipped peccary (saino – pig) are used to make traditional Boruca necklaces
– The main legend is about Cuasran who is the spirit that watches over the mountains
– Other legends include La Culebra about a snake (tebec), Los Duendes, Las Mamran
– So Cagru = So – respectful way to address older women, Cagru – warriors
– 30 years ago, agriculture was the main source of income but now 80% of the population relies on art (carving and paintings of the masks as well as cotton weaving)
– A y A (Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados) is the water company that brings the water from a spring in the mountain which is at capacity for the number of people who live here so they are looking for another source
– The masks are worn by warriors who conquer the bull (Spanish) in the Festival of the Devils (Juego de los Diablitos) or Cagru Rojc
– There is one museum here started and run by La Asociacion de Artensanos La Flor de Boruca


SoCagru Turismo Indigena Bruncajc

From my previous post – the 3 other ladies I flew with were Lillian, Kristine and Sinyeong who are all in different parts of Costa Rica.

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