Winter Prom Night

Winter Prom Night is a huge event here in Reutlingen University.  Every December this event is held by the Student Association right before exam time for students to enjoy the before studying and before international students head back to their home Colleges/Universities.  The event is made for students to enjoy great German food and entertainment from their students.


“Winter Prom’s Menu”


“Winter Prom’s Stage”


The person on the left is Carlos and he is from Barcelona, Spain.


These two pictures are pictures of the International Students who were at Winter Prom Night.  There are a variety of international students in this picture.  There are students from Mexico, Spain, South America, Russia, China, Latvia, France, USA, and Canada.


Carlos is on the left and Sarah from Boston, USA is in the middle.


These are some of the semester 5 students who were involved in the organising part of the talent show.

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