Learn to cook Spanish omelette (tortilla de patata)

The weather in Basque Country became cold and rainy in the past weeks. I haven’t seen the sunshine for about two weeks or so. It was not a good idea to travel in such weather, so I stayed home for most of time but learnt how to cook tortilla de patata – a very delicious Spanish omelette.


I bought Morcilla (blood pudding), Chorizo and Jamon to make different types of omelette. 


It was very successful. And the one with Jamon & Cheese tasted the best. I hoped that I can still cook tortilla de patata with Jamon when I go back to Toronto. But It seems there is no affordable Jamon in Toronto. I tried to use Google to search “where to buy Jamon in Toronto”, and the information shows that “$600 a kilo… aka $60 per 100g”. What the……


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