The mystery of the Basque Language

This video is about a short introduction on Basque Language and history. It is posted by Gari Gonzalez on YouTube. I found it is very helpful for me to learn and understand the local culture,

Basque region lies in the northeastern part of Spain and also includes southwestern part of France. The language of Basque or Euskara is considered to be a language isolate, which is not similar to Spanish, French or English, not even mention Chinese. The origin of the Basques and the language is a debatable topic. There are many hypotheses but none of them is conclusive. This area if full of mystery.

Basque people are welcoming and Basque cuisine is amazing. “The first meal in Spain is always a shock,”Ernest Hemingway wrote, in 1920s, as an American author who had lived in Basque country for a long time. The experience here made me feel eager to read Hemingway’s novels about Spain and Basque Country. He loved the place, so do I…..

“irakurtzeko esker” Means “Thanks for reading” in Basque.


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